WorkBooth Four
Pure teamwork in ideal conditions. Undisturbed
WorkBooth Four
Multiport for Electronics
▪ 2 Wireless charger
▪ 2 USB
▪ 2 USB Type-C
▪ 2 outlets 220V
Smart Management
Smart Management
Adjust the features to your exact preferences:
▪ The ventilation and lights turn on automatically when the door opens
▪ Weight sensor prevents the lights from going off while you are inside
▪ After a person leaves WorkBooth Four, the air is renewed 6 times providing exceptionally fresh air for the new visitor
▪ Usage statistics provided on-demand or automatically
▪ Integration to existing booking system available through API
WorkBooth with Glass Back Wall
Glass Back Wall
We recommend ordering a glass back wall when placing a WorkBooth in the center of the room or against a window
WorkBooth's sofa
Desk and Sofas
▪ Desk reaches the perfect bar height at 75 cm
▪ Comfortable sofas included
Compact size of WorkBooth
Compact Size
W 2 200 х D 1 400 х H 2 300 mm
Tablet/phone holders and notes holder
WorkBooth Four offers a variety of useful accessories:
▪ Notes holder
▪ Wall box for notes, paper, and pens
▪ Hooks for hanging bags or outerwear
sustainable of WorkBooth
WorkBooth Four is designed with certified eco-friendly materials that do not emit formaldehyde

All materials are recyclable and will not cause harm to the environment
WorkBooth manufactures products that are really soundproof
Silence is vital to creation and communication in our new workplace reality. People need uninterrupted quiet to focus and perform at their optimal level
That's what WorkBooth is all about, giving employees what they need to succeed
Optimal performance comes from plenty of fresh air. Our products offer elite ventilation systems

When you work in a pod, you benefit from a submarine ventilation engineer who designed a pod that fully changes the air every 42 seconds and after every visitor

The air in our pods is always fresh, and there's no limit to your creativity
Breathe fresh air
WorkBooth ventilation systems
With an IQ of 168, WorkBooth leads the pods rating

WorkBooth can do it all! All features, timing, and scenarios can be adjusted to your exact specifications

Statistics on usage can be sent by email. Booth сan be integrated into existing booking system
Smart booth
Smart booth
In 2021 we purchased our first two WorkBooths. Our employees were so happy with new opportunities to make calls and especially beautiful video calls with frontal lighting
Inga Dorosz
Office manager
Need more reasons to have a pod?
It's more cost-effective to buy a WorkBooth than building a new meeting room
WorkBooth is assembled in two hours
WorkBooth offers better sound insulation than traditional meeting rooms
If you move to a new office, you can take WorkBooth with you
No dust, noise, or debris is produced during installation
WorkBooth is smart, it can be integrated into booking system
Booking system
Each booth can be connected to an existing booking system through wi-fi
All booths usage statistics can be provided on-demand or automatically. Statistics include:
average session time
number of reservations
number of sessions per day
Integration through our API available for all major booking systems like Skedda, Meeting Fuse and others
WorkBooth's smart solutions
WorkBooth's smart solutions
WorkBooth's smart solutions
Statistcs report
Statistcs report available
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